How Unschooled Children Learn About the Arts

It is important to us that our children are able to find ways to express themselves and be creative. My children thoroughly enjoy drawing, painting, and sculpting, as well as lots of different types of arts and crafts. They will often use paper, scissors, tape, markers, string and whatever else they might need to make all sorts of things – signs, airplanes, costumes, weapons, fishing poles, binoculars, etc. They love using modelling clay and we have a family annual membership to online art classes as well.    

My husband is a musician and was the guitar player and back up vocalist in his band when we lived in NZ. He collects and even builds his own guitars, so the children have been strumming guitars since they were infants. We have many friends who are musicians so the kids have access to other instruments as well, and we have recently been discussing the idea of starting music lessons so they can properly learn to play an instrument, although so far the kids have not been terribly interested, and that’s fine. All of our kids love to sing and tend to sing or hum throughout much of the day, and they have all enjoyed making up their own songs at one point or another. 

Other opportunities for children to express themselves creatively may include dress up and imaginative play; going to the theatre to see shows; going to concerts; making up songs; singing songs; making music videos; putting on plays; playing freeze dance; taking photos; making stop-motion videos with Legos; taking on decorating and sewing projects; knitting and/or crocheting; making jewelry; and taking lessons for art, acting, singing, instruments, dance, and photography.

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