How Unschooled Children Learn About Health and Wellbeing

It is important to us that our children understand the importance of, and how to obtain, emotional and physical wellbeing. We talk a lot about how the foods we eat affect our bodies, both positively and negatively. We talk about how to keep our immune systems strong, and make sure that we support them with vitamins and minerals, and limit the toxins that suppress them, for both prevention and treatment of illness. We talk about the importance of physical activity, adequate sleep, proper hydration, limited screen time, massage therapy, etc.

We talk a lot about our feelings and help our kids work through big emotions. I want them to be able to identify their feelings, and to be able to work through emotions in a healthy manner. When another person is upset (in the case of a dispute between siblings for instance), we talk about how each person is feeling, and how our actions can affect other people, so the children can learn to be empathetic and respectful of others.  

Other opportunities for my kids to learn how to take care of their emotional and physical health may include reading nutrition information on food labels; shopping for and preparing food together; experiencing a variety of physical activities such as swimming, karate, gymnastics, sports, etc.; practicing peaceful conflict resolution; learning relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation; taking walks and going on bike rides; playing at parks on playground equipment as well as throwing Frisbees, kicking balls, and flying kites; and having discussions about our health, self-esteem, personal safety, listening to our intuition, elements of nutrition, etc.